Our Communities

Community partners

Our communities are our key partners

Our host communities are key partners in our work to ensure shared value creation. We believe in early, ongoing and collaborative engagement.

Our social performance and community relations team proactively engages with the project affected communities and works collaboratively with district and local government authorities. 

In line with national legislation and international standards, this approach is the most effective for lasting relationships.


Deliver the resettlement action plan and implementation


Address key areas to support sustainable communities through ongoing development

Establish constructive working relationships


The support covers a total of 11 projects in different sectors and a number of popular events. Seven projects will improve the school’s infrastructures (including classrooms, staff offices, and school desks). A further three projects aim to improve health facilities’ infrastructure, medical equipment and medical supplies. There will also be refresher training for Community Health Workers from nine villages.
“We are very pleased and excited to partner with Ngara District Council to develop and implement community investment plans that are strategically aligned to local and national development plans”, said Tembo Nickel Country Manager, Benedict Busunzu.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Partnership for collaboration

Tembo Nickel signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ngara District Council for CSR projects for 2022 on Friday, 8 July 2022.

We are entering a partnership for collaboration which will cover projects in the wards of Bugarama, Bukiriro, Muganza, Rulenge, Mbuba and Keza, in Ngara District.

Our focus is on education and health with support for some popular events in the District event calendar as a response to in-depth feedback.

Health and safety

Continually striving to create a safe workplace for all

We strive to operate a safe workplace that is injury and fatality free, and to enhance the well-being of our employees and contractors. We engage and support our employees, contractors, suppliers, visitors, business partners and local communities in sharing responsibility to meet all requirements. Safety is our number one priority.